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1) Ways to select a supplier.

Learn everything possible about the firm. For instance, you could have a look at the Business Register and find out the firm's licensed capital, whether or not it has actually incurred execution in the past few years and if it has a long history. Returns and also service might become a nightmare for you. Internet discussion online forums will not provide you much information, as individuals engaging in conversation on most of them are straight or short-lived jobs of the numerous companies and attempt to control market awareness. Never ever delegate your safety to a traveling salesman.

2) Just how to pick an installment firm.

Correct installment of safety and security entrance doors is of fundamental significance for your safety and security. As a result, NEXT doors are installed by the business's own workers with a validated history as well as tried and tested experience from hundreds or also countless installations. We do not want to have loads of installation companies in whose situation we would not be able to confirm the stability and skills of their staff members. We consider it vital to provide confirmed solutions and also the very best feasible high quality.

3) Exactly how to verify the high quality of delivered doors.

Demand certificates especially for the provided door. Some makers have one certificate for a single type of door and then attribute it to any other kind of door. For instance, you can easily obtain a glazed door with a certification for an unglazed door, and also that does not offer you much safety. Besides that, your insurance firm will certainly not spend for any kind of damage that you could incur.


4) How you can select the safety class.

European norms identify 6 security courses for doors. For the function of securing an apartment, home or business, doors in protection class 3 or 4 are the most ideal. Security classes 1 and also 2 supply only marginal security as well as such doors could be breached with only a screwdriver in a brief amount of time. On the other hand, doors in safety and security classes 5 as well as 6 are not in day-to-day usage, but are instead made use of just in special army and authorities applications.

5) The best ways to pick the door surface.

lways choose a door with sandwich building, where the core is steel and the surfaces comprises a thicker sheet of timber, MDF or comparable material. In the instance of an apartment or condo, guarantee that the door has good audio insulation and also, in addition, the opportunity of changing only the surface area panel in the occasion of mechanical damages. It is required to pick the door surface also according to the atmosphere in which the door will be located. It is very important to think about whether this includes an exterior door for a family residence or an indoor door for an apartment.

6) Apartment door? Fireproof just!

If you stay in an apartment, you are called for by legislation to have a brand-new entry door with fire resistance confirmed by a certification. Every house is considered to be a fire area and also your door protects the retreat course of other citizens in the structure. Do not enable on your own to be convinced by a supplier that you can save a little money and do not run the risk of problems that could cost you millions in compensation. Even more info is available in the statement from the Fire Rescue Service.

7) How many locking points should you select?

Experience shows that 20 to 30 securing pins suffice for maximum security. It is real that the much more locking pins a door has, the far better. Multi-point locking disperses pressure applied when a door is torn or jacked in a similar manner as crumple zones in cars.

8) Is 1 or 2 locks sufficient?

A top quality primary lock manages all the door's locking factors and also creates a component of the door and also is shielded by the door's construction. An extra lock supplements the existing 20-30 factors with only a single locking point and is irrelevant for new safety doors.

9) Doorframes-- brand-new or initial?

f your initial door frame is of one-piece steel building and construction as well as is completely as well as, particularly, uniformly installed in the wall surface panel, we can use it. Our technician will determine it as well as assess its parameters for you absolutely free, as well as you could hence conserve a substantial amount of money, time, dirt, sound as well as basic pain. NEXT doors are the just one examined and also certified for use in original steel doorframes. If, however, your doorframe is pointless or you are embarking on a restoration or brand-new building ΠΟΡΤΕΣ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ and construction, it is far better to choose a brand-new protection doorframe.

10) What sort of lock cyndrical tube and tricks should you select?

The lock cyndrical tube ought to be in the very same safety course as the door or higher. Always request for patent protection of the secrets! If the cyndrical tube does not have such security, any type of key-making solution in the Czech Republic or elsewhere can make duplicates of your trick. As a result, we use EVVA lock cyndrical tubes, which not only have the highest technical level in the world, yet likewise maximum defense of keys.